Sunday, September 7, 2008

This Administration Is Not For Me!

Head of Presidential Inspections Office:

While, following the resignation of Davoud Ahmadinejad, the president’s older brother, ‎from the President’s Inspections Office, media networks announced “physical ailments ‎and doctors’ recommendations” for the resignation, Davoud Ahmadinejad flatly denied ‎such remarks and, as he has noted in several private gatherings, he was removed for his ‎disagreements with a number of ninth administration officials. ‎

Hajj Davoud Ahmadinejad, appointed in September 2005 by his brother president ‎Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as his advisor and special inspector, resigned from his post in ‎August 2008. Official news outlets IRNA and Fars news agencies announced that he had ‎resigned due to medical problems. Yesterday, however, the news website Jahan News, ‎which is affiliated with the hardline ideologues known as Principalists and run by Tehran ‎lawmaker Zakani, published a report about the president’s brother which contained new ‎information on the resignation. According to Jahan News, Davoud Ahmadinejad has ‎been accused by some for revealing information against Majlis representative Kordan ‎during a Majlis vote of confidence session. ‎

According to Jahan News, while it was speculated that Davoud Ahmadinejad’s departure ‎from the President’s Inspector Office was related to disagreements over Kordan and ‎Mashai, Davoud Ahmadinejad’s remarks in a private gathering demonstrate this point. ‎According to this report, Davoud Ahmadinejad recently said regarding his departure, “I ‎have no place in a government that has Kordan and Mashai.” ‎

Revealing Information against Kordan
Coinciding with the president’s announcement of three ministers presented to the Majlis ‎for confirmation, when lawmakers checked their mailboxes on Tuesday, August 5th 2008 ‎they were confronted by new information about the cabinet minister provided in a 7-page ‎letter. ‎

In the letter, evidence was presented showing that Ali Kordan declared his agreement in ‎return for compensation for presenting his forged doctoral degree while serving as the ‎state radio and television network’s vice president in the final years of the 1990s. The 7-‎page letter also discussed Kordan’s managerial violations. The final page of the letter ‎contained an arrest slip dating back to 1979 written to Sari’s head of prisons, according to ‎which Ali Kordan, son of Kamal, had been issued an arrest warrant “until further notice” ‎on the charge of deflowering a young girl.” ‎

Minutes later the Majlis voting session began and, as expected, lawmakers who were ‎previously acquainted with Kordan, could not remain indifferent after reading the letter. ‎That is why most of the disagreements revolved around Kordan. Ali Mottahari, the son ‎of the late distinguished ayatollah Mottahari, denounced Kordan and referred to his ‎‎“ethical corruption.” Ruhollah Hosseinian raised doubts (using evidence cited in the ‎letter) about the authenticity of Kordan’s degree. Nevertheless, referring an anecdote ‎from ayatollah Khamenei in support of the proposed ministers, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ‎was able to change the minds of lawmakers. Finally, Kordan was approved as interior ‎minister but with lower votes than the other two ministers. Lawmakers and those in ‎Majlis leadership, however, were discussing the letter further into the night. Reporters ‎became aware of the letter’s existence after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for the ‎perpetrators to be caught and Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani promised to investigate the ‎issue until results were reached. ‎

Now Jahan News announces that Davoud Ahmadinejad is suspected to have disseminated ‎information against Kordan during the latter’s confirmation proceedings in the Majlis. ‎With the controversy taking new twists, only time will how other conservative outlets ‎will respond to the revelations. ‎

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