Sunday, July 27, 2008

he Multi-Million Army

‎200 % Increase in Basij Budget for Bases

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As the commander of the Basij resistance force (affiliated to the Passdaran Revolutionary ‎Guards of Iran) announced a sharp increase in the budget of this military force, the ‎representative of Iran’s supreme leader ayatollah Khamenei in the Passdaran spoke of ‎‎“strengthening the Basij” and “speeding up” the development and expansion of the “20 ‎million or multi-million army.” These remarks come after Basij announced its readiness ‎to “confront the cultural threats” facing the country.‎
Hassan Taeb, who was recently appointed by Passdaran commander Mohammad Ali ‎Jaafari to be the commander of the Basij resistance force for Iran, announced in the ‎weekly Sobh Sadegh, the official weekly journal of the political office of the Passdaran, ‎of the “200 percent increase in the budget of the Basij resistance bases” during the ‎current year. ‎
This announcement follows earlier remarks by Taeb that the number of resistance bases ‎of the force stood at some 36,000 and had called on national organizations to pay greater ‎attention to the force.‎
In a separate but related announcement that was published two days ago by Mehr news ‎agency, the commander of the Basij force had announced the “readiness of Basij” to ‎confront “any cultural threats” facing the country. Hassan Taeb who had participated in a ‎seminar of the cultural officials of the Passdaran force from all the provinces of Iran said, ‎‎“The cultural wing of the Passdaran particularly in at the Basij resistance level must well ‎identify the cultural threats of the enemy and present suitable responses to them. The ‎Passdaran must implement self-reliant solutions in every province to confront any ‎cultural threat with suitable responses.”‎
In a related news, Shahab news agency quoted the Basij commander as saying, “There ‎must be resistance capability to confront the soft and semi-soft threats. Regarding the soft ‎threat which is primarily cultural, Basij is capable of confronting any measure.”‎
In addition to the remarks of the Basij commander, Ali Saidi, the representative of ‎ayatollah Khamenei in the Passdaran force also spoke of the force’s plans for “greater ‎sensitivity” to Basij by the public. He spoke of “the structural changes to and ‎developments in the Passdaran and the Basij resistance force and the creation of ‎Passdaran commands at the provincial level”.‎
‎“The Passdaran have shown so far that they are men of action and that it does what it ‎says,” said this religious figure in the Passdaran in reference to the creation of the 20 ‎million-man Basij force as originally announced by the founder of the Islamic regime, ‎ayatollah Khomeini. “The recent changes in the Passdaran are reflective of speeding up ‎the implementation of the 20-million man army,” and the strengthening of the Basij “for ‎the expansion of the 20 million man or tens of millions of men army,” he said.‎

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