Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Whole World is Behind Us

Ahmadinejad Makes another Claim

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Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinejad told a group of clerics from the province of ‎Kahgiloie va Bovir, “The World is With Us”. Referencing his trip last year to New York, ‎he said that one of the presidential candidates in the US presidential elections had told ‎him, “Your words make resonance here.” And in a following speech in the city of ‎Mashhad, Ahmadinejad told his audience that he “would not negotiate any clear rights” ‎of the Iranians and announced that “thousands of new centrifuges would become ‎operational” for enriching uranium. ‎
In Mashhad, Ahmadinejad announced that, “After the setting up of hundreds and ‎thousands of uranium enrichment centrifuges the enemies had expressly retreated and ‎accepted the advancements of the Iranian nation, and now called on Iran not to expand its ‎nuclear activities. Fortunately, the enemy had been completely defeated. By attacking the ‎Islamic revolution, they had wanted us to retreat and regress. But with the resistance of ‎the nation, those who claimed that 10 years of negotiations would be needed for just 20 ‎centrifuge units to become operational, have now expressly retreated from their claims, ‎‎… and now call for the suspension of additional nuclear activities.”‎
These remarks prompted university lecturers belonging to Basij to label Ahmadinejad the ‎‎“national hero in the nuclear battle.” According to Mehr news agency, after bestowing ‎this title onto the president, the lecturers thanked him for “the resistance over the nuclear ‎posture of the Islamic republic of Iran.”‎
In his talk to clerics in the province of Kahgiloie va Bovir, Ahmadinejad spoke of ‎indications that the world had changed. According to Tabnak Internet news site, ‎Ahmadinejad told his audience that Iran was “not only in a state of battle on the political ‎and cultural fronts, but also in the economic sphere. Our enemies had made plans and had ‎announced that this regime had to be toppled. But they and their supporters erroneously ‎believe that they can remove the regime and the revolution. I have no doubts that they are ‎wrong. And what is our mission today? We must first understand the situation in the ‎world.”‎
He then reminded his audience that, “There are signs of this retreat all over the world, ‎including inside the US itself. When I was in New York last year, one of the American ‎presidential candidates told me, ‘I wish to advance in this country the very statements ‎that you make there.’ And when I asked him why, he said that people here like these ‎words. Your words resonate here and people embrace them. Today the heart of the whole ‎world is with us. The Iranian is dear wherever he goes around the world. I sent a message ‎to the US when I was in Iraq and asked what they were threatening Iran with. I have seen ‎and have specific information that your very soldiers and military force is with us.”‎
Commenting on the recent talks in Geneva, Ahmadinejad said, “During the recent trip ‎that Mr. Jalili, this pious young man, made and sat across seven or eight snake-wounded ‎individuals who had come with their private jets and pre-written speeches, the driver of ‎one of them told Jalili, on seeing him, ‘We are with you. As is the case all over the ‎world’.”‎
In his latest talk, Ahmadinejad called his task a “global mission” and claimed, “If the ‎world saw the resistance of the piousness and justice of the Iranian nation, it would come ‎to us in multitudes. The missing Imam is the symbol of all goodness and justice and we ‎have the task of inviting the world to a perfect humanity. The stronger this call is, the ‎stronger will be its effect and no one will be able to withstand it. The Velayat regime ‎‎(reference to rule of the clerics) means a loud call to accept the missing Imam, which is ‎the reason of the survival of the regime.”‎

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