Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tehran Police Chief Promoted

Radan Replaces Ahmadi-Moghaddam

An informed official in Iran’s policeforce revealed the promotion of Tehran Police Chief ‎Ahmad Reza Radan. According to this source, Radan is now promoted to be the deputy ‎chief of the National Security Forces.‎

Although several news sources including the news website "Asr-e Iran" in recent days ‎had predicted that Tehran’s Police Chief would be replaced, but unlike their prediction ‎which associated the change to Ahmad Reza Radan's insistence on the implementation of ‎plans to boost public security (very severe punishment of thugs in the public), it was later ‎revealed that Ahmad Reza Radan is not only not demoted, but is actually promoted for ‎‎"successful implementation of his duties" to serve as deputy chief of the national security ‎forces. ‎

General Mehdi Ahmadi, the communications director of the State Security Forces, told ‎the Fars news agency yesterday that effective Monday, Ahmad Reza Radan would ‎replace General Zolfaghari as deputy chief of the State Security Forces and General ‎Azizollah Rajabzadeh would replace Radan as the Tehran Police Chief. ‎

This police official did not reveal the details of personnel changes but noted that "General ‎Zolfaghari is attending university to continue his education" and for that reason Radan is ‎replacing him. ‎

Radan is among the members of the joint committee established by the police and ‎judiciary. Following several altercations that took place at the gas pumps in response to ‎rising gas prices, Radan, along with Tehran's Prosecutor General Saeed Mortazavi, ‎unveiled a plan to boos public security in Tehran and several provinces on the basis of ‎which many suspected individuals have been sentenced to prison time or execution in ‎recent months without due process. In the latest round of such executions, 29 individuals ‎were executed in Iran during one day last June. ‎

Radan’s promotion comes just a day after he insisted on continuing the plan to boost ‎public security. As reported by the Islamic Republic News Agency, noting that the "plan ‎to boost public security is not stoppable," Radan said, "The police would firmly and fully ‎confront thugs and gangsters, persons who disrespect women, drug traders and thieves." ‎

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