Monday, October 20, 2008

Lowest Popularity Ratings for Ahmadinejad ‎

Results of New Surveys - 2008.10.21


While media outlets close to the administration have been attempting in recent weeks to ‎exaggerate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s popularity to be greater than ever before, the latest ‎survey conducted by the Islamic Republic Majlis Strategic Research Center demonstrates ‎that Iran’s president is not only suffering from very low popularity and approval ratings, ‎but also many of the participants in the survey regard his administration as a failure. ‎

Alborz news website reported yesterday that, according to a survey conducted by the ‎Majlis Strategic Resarch Center, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is suffering from his lowest ‎popularity ratings since being elected president in 2005. ‎

This website, which is affiliated with the right-wing faction, announced: “According to ‎another survey held jointly by the Ministry of Intelligence and the Islamic Republic of ‎Iran Broadcasting, 70 percent of the Iranian population are willing to vote for Seyyed ‎Mohammad Khatami if he runs in the upcoming presidential election while only 13 ‎percent of the population are willing for vote for Ahmadinejad again. ‎

The Alborz website did not explain how it accessed survey results. Nevertheless, the ‎website “triboon” alluded to the report, noting, “The survey was carried out in Tehran ‎and large cities showing that that Iranian president is suffering from extremely low ‎popularity rates among Iranians residing in these cities. According to survey results, 64 ‎percent of respondents to the question about how successful the Ahmadinejad ‎Administration has been rated the ninth administration’s performance below average. ‎More than 50 percent of respondents rated the administration as “unsuccessful” or ‎‎“highly unsuccessful.” ‎

Similarly, the news website Parsineh wrote regarding the Majlis Strategic Research ‎Center’s survey result: “In another part of this survey 78 percent of respondents described ‎the seventh Majlis’s supervision on the administration as ‘weal’ or ‘very weak.’ ‎Meanwhile, 83 percent of respondents to the survey responded negatively to whether they ‎would vote again for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and announced that they would not vote ‎again for the current president of the Islamic Republic.” ‎

More than 40 thousand people from various social, economic and educational ‎backgrounds ranging from pre-diploma to doctoral degrees participated in this survey. ‎


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