Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Order to Build “Innovative Weapons”

Deputy Army Commander Announced,,3604329_4,00.jpg

‎Iran’s deputy army commander announced that the Islamic Republic supreme leader has ‎ordered the development of “new” and “innovative” weapons. ‎

Announcing the order by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Islamic Republic supreme leader, to ‎build new weaponry to meet the country’s needs, Iran's deputy army commander added, ‎‎“In his order, while praising the success in satisfying various military demands ‎domestically, he has emphasized that such hardware and systems be designed and ‎produced that have no precedence in defense technology, are not know and will open up ‎new domains in the defense sector.” ‎

Without elaborating further details, the acting army commander noted, “One of the ways ‎of prevailing over enemy in an all-out-war is to employ weaponry which the enemy is ‎unfamiliar with.”‎

Confirming receipt of orders to build innovative weapons, Abdolrahim Mousavi noted, ‎‎“We announce with reason and logic that we can be victorious in asymmetric warfare ‎against foreign enemies,” adding, “In war, the victorious party is the one that is able to ‎impose its will on the enemy, and we are able to do that.” ‎

Meanwhile, Abdolrahim Mousavi told the Fars news agency, “We believe that equipment ‎alone is not sufficient for victory, but other variables, such as geopolitical and strategic ‎factors, are also important weapons in possession of the Islamic Republic.”‎

He added that the military has devised plans to defend every corner of the nation and that ‎every part of the nation would act as an armed force against the enemy in case of an ‎attack. ‎

Noting, “Various areas have been identified for inflicting damage on the enemy in ‎defense courses of the armed forces,” Mousavi emphasized, “If it is necessary, in order to ‎prevail in war, we will inflict unexpected damages on the enemy beyond our borders.” ‎The deputy army commander reiterated plans to expand war to areas outside Iran in case ‎of a foreign attack, noting, “In the case that threats are materialized, we would not remain ‎inside our borders.” ‎

At the same time, the deputy army commander hoped that no such attacks take place: ‎‎“This region cannot tolerate a new war. However, if threats are made, we will ‎demonstrate our might.”‎

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