Monday, March 10, 2008

Ahmadinejad is the Cause

The Right is Split over Elections
Jebhe Motahed Osoolgaran (The United Front of Idealogues) which has viewed itself as ‎the winner of the massive disqualification of reformist candidates prior to the March 14 ‎elections, is now busy preventing the publication of multiple lists within its ranks using ‎any method it can. So it is employing heavy tactics to prevent some ideologue candidates ‎so that only one list remains for the public.‎

In connection with this issue, Shahab News announced through a report titled, “Neck ‎breaking pressure on the Etelafe Faragir Osoolgaran (Comprehensive Coalition of ‎Idealogues) for its withdrawal in favor of the United Front”, that “the heavy political ‎pressures on the candidates belonging to a group known as the Comprehensive Coalition ‎of Idealogues to resign in favor of the United Front of Idealogues entered a new phase ‎when a senior executive authority joined them as a mediator and made unprecedented ‎remarks last Sunday.” ‎

The Comprehensive Coalition of Idealogues which basically comprises of right-wing ‎personalities critical of Mahmud Ahmadinejad has been welcomed extensively. This ‎group published its list of candidates to the forthcoming parliamentary elections on ‎March 4th, whose outstanding feature is that it does not contain the name of even a single ‎candidate belonging to Raihe Khosh Khedmat (the official coalition that supports ‎Ahmadinejad) in the Tehran list. So with the publication of this list, the right in Iran how ‎has two official lists, United Front and Comprehensive Coalition, presented to the public: ‎the first belongs to those supporting president Ahmadinejad while the latter comprises his ‎opponents on the right.‎

According to Shahab News, with this list, the pressure on the candidates of those ‎opposing Ahmadinejad has been mounting. Apart from the attacks on Ahmadinejad’s ‎opponents that have been appearing at pro-government websites, the commitment of the ‎United Front candidates [5+6] and their official pledge not to appear on the elections list ‎of the Comprehensive Coalition is one of the measures that was undertaken to weaken the ‎latter list and a way to control the dissident idealogues and persuade them to withdraw ‎from elections altogether. ‎

In recent days he United Front has used every means at its disposal to encourage “the ‎extra candidates” to resign. The official Fars news agency reports that 1- candidates for ‎the eight Majlis have already withdrawn in favor of the United Front. Despite this, reports ‎indicate that some of the candidates aligned with the Comprehensive Coalition are ‎fighting back and resisting withdrawal.‎

Shahab News has also reported that a senior administration official on Sunday held talks ‎with two prominent members of the Comprehensive Coalition in Tehran and asked them ‎to stop the activities of the coalition in any possible way. According to an informed ‎source, this senior administration official angrily called the coalition “a joke” and its ‎members a “bunch of rejected individuals” who were trying to weaken the position of the ‎idealogues and the government. It is reported that while this senior official had held talks ‎with members of the Comprehensive Coalition to stop them from issuing their own ‎independent list of candidates, these recent discussion on Sunday were very different in ‎tone from the past.‎

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