Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pass Resolutions, It's Not Important!

Ahmadinejad's Reaction to Passage of Third Resolution:

Despite massive propaganda by the Islamic Republic of Iran's officials to mark the "end of Iran's ‎nuclear case" and in lieu of holding nuclear victory parades in mosques by Basijis, the United ‎Nations Security Council passed a third resolution against Iran with an absolute majority of ‎votes.‎‏

In reaction to the news, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose photograph of holding up the victory ‎sign is still circulating in many websites and state-run news agencies, told a state-run television ‎network reporter: "If they think they can lift a hammer and say, hurry up, sit down and negotiate ‎with us - there is no such thing like that. [It's better for them not to] deceive themselves. If they ‎think this will pressure the Iranian nation, it won’t happen.

After all, pressure has always been ‎there, it's been there in the past two years too. Resolution after resolution. If they pass ‎resolutions like this, it's not important." ‎

Government spokesperson Gholam-Hossein Elham told reporters at his weekly press conference, ‎‎"The passage of a new resolution against Iran is illegal. It is like beating the air. Reviewing ‎Iran's case in the Security Council is baseless. It goes against the United Nations Charter and ‎lacks legal and proper foundations." ‎

Fars news agency was the sole domestic news group that reported the passage of the third UN ‎Security Council resolution against Iran on Friday. Quoting the AFP (Agence-France Presse), ‎Fars added, "The fourteen members of the UN Security Council voted for this anti-Iranian ‎measure even though Iran has repeatedly insisted on the peacefulness of its nuclear program and ‎its goal of producing nuclear energy for non-military use." ‎

‎"The International Atomic and Energy Agency has also confirmed in various reports that Iran ‎has not deviated from its peaceful nuclear program," insisted Fars. ‎
Coinciding with the UN Security Council meeting, the International Atomic and the Governing ‎Board of the IAEA in Vienna too held a session on the issue. And while most international news ‎agencies covered the events at the meeting, some Iranian news agencies, including Mehr, ‎published false reports regarding the event. ‎

On Monday international news agencies reported from the Vienna meeting: Mohammad ‎ElBaradei, the Agency's president, has asked Iran to respond to the allegation that it is ‎conducting research towards the development of nuclear weapons. In his speech at the Vienna ‎meeting, ElBaradei noted that "Although Iran had responded to many questions regarding its ‎nuclear program, this serious question remains to be answered." ‎
However, Mehr news agency which is affiliated with the cultural division of Sazman-e ‎Tablighat-e Eslami (Islamic Propaganda Organization), reported ElBaradei's speech in the ‎following manner: "ElBaradei: Allegations raised against Iran are baseless and not backed by ‎evidence."

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