Monday, March 3, 2008

God Created Iranians to Conquer the World!

Leader of ‎‏"‏Iran's Hezbollah‏"
Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Kharrazi, the secretary general of Iran’s Hezbollah group, ‎announced in his latest remarks that his organization is pursuing "national unity," reminding that ‎‎"the goal of every Hezbollahi Iranian must be to unite Muslim nations to conquer the whole ‎world, because God has created Iranians to conquer the whole world." ‎
In another part of his speech, this firebrand cleric identified "human development" as one of ‎Hezbollah's goals. He described this to mean the "the creation of a force that can withstand the ‎return of Imam Zaman [the Shiite 12th Imam considered to be in occultation now but who is ‎promised to return]." While condemning the clergy’s performance in this regard, Kharrazi said, ‎‎"Imam Zaman's problem is not the world…The problem is that there are no pious people to ‎conquer the world and other planets. Unfortunately, the clergy hasn't done anything in this ‎respect and for this reason our intellectuals have gone astray as well." Kharrazi added, "so long ‎as people and Hezbollah are not pious, that Messiah [Imam Zaman] will not return." ‎
Return After 14 Years
Kharrazi is a political figure close to Iranian president Ahmadinejad's camp who officially began ‎his political career two years ago after the coming to power of Ahmadinejad. In a well-known ‎speech delivered in the religious city of Qom following Ahmadinejad's victory, Kharrazi ‎claimed, "the Iranian Hezbollah has returned to the scene after 14 years of silence." ‎
In that speech, Kharrazi boasted about his and his colleagues' efforts: "During these 14 years, we ‎were busy with scientific activities and now we are experts in all fields such as Islamic law, ‎rhetoric, philosophy, politics, and history, and have our own material to teach." ‎
Soon after Kharrazi's talk in the winter of 2005, Sharif News reported the imminent publication ‎of "Hezbollah" daily. ‎

Space Warfare and Atomic Bomb
The remarks of Hezbollah's secretary general have always been attractive to the Iranian press. In ‎a speech in the summer of 2005 and coinciding with the election of Ahmadinejad to presidency, ‎Kharrazi had called on Iranians to "prepare ourselves for space warfare." ‎
In that speech, Kharrazi said, "We can build an atomic bomb, which we must have. We have to ‎prepare ourselves for space warfare. Stay assured that if a war breaks out, we will set the whole ‎world on fire and mobilize our troops all over the world to attack America. We will even attack ‎America on its own soil. We will throw grenades into their mouths and bedrooms and will make ‎sure that no American feels secure." ‎
He also threatened certain countries, "I count the seconds for the day that an idiot decides to ‎attack Iran. Our enemies still don't know what a Shia guerilla fighter means! Anyone who helps ‎America will be targeted by us as well." ‎
Kharrazi also issued warnings to some Iranian officials: "Who is behind foreign contracts? ‎During these years of silence, we have compiled information on all these gentlemen and if they ‎try to stop Hezbollah, we will reveal this information. If they still try to stop us we will go ‎underground. Very soon, after holding our first national Hezbollah gathering in Qom, we will ‎hold a million-man Hezbollah gathering on the streets of Tehran." ‎

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