Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Have Solutions For Global Problems!

Ahmadinejad Tells Media:

‎In his most recent interview Iran’s President Mahmud Ahmadinejad not only denied the ‎existence of rising costs and hardships that ordinary Iranians face every day but even said ‎he had solutions for the world’s food crises problem.‎

‎“I think the living conditions of Iranians are better than in the past and say this based on ‎per capita consumption figures, just as the national purchasing power has increased as ‎well. But in general, the purchasing power in the country has risen during the last three ‎years,” he asserted.‎
At a press conference in which some one hundred domestic and international journalists ‎and reporters were present, Ahmadinejad said this in response to a question by Eghtesad ‎Pooya newspaper regarding ways to resolve the global economic crises, as he ignored the ‎dire straits that Iranians live on a daily basis, “It is true that the world is facing a drought, ‎but the food crises facing mankind is the result of mismanagement at the global level. We ‎have prepared solutions to resolve this crisis and shall present them at the next FAO ‎‎(UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization) meeting in Rome. I think our proposals ‎contain ways to resolve the issue so that nations will have sufficient amounts of food and ‎resources.”‎

Ahmadinejad is presenting his “proposals” for the world at a time when specialists and ‎experts in Iran and even a large number of right-wing Majlis representatives and Friday ‎prayer leaders (who in Iran exercise a great influence over public opinion) agree that the ‎country is facing very serious economic problems. Last week, even the Majlis Speaker ‎Haddad Adel and Larijani, who is widely tipped to be the next Speaker following last ‎month’s parliamentary elections spoke about the need for the next legislature to pay ‎special attention to the issue of inflation and rising prices.‎

To add to this growing criticism, even senior clerics of Iran who generally support ‎Ahmadinejad’s administration have been critical of sharply rising prices.‎

During this press interview, Ahmadinejad who has zero tolerance for any domestic ‎criticism, invited the next US President for a debate and said, “I am willing to debate with ‎the whole world watching with American presidential candidates who claim to manage ‎the world.” He again said that world powers had reached an impasse adding, “Political ‎relations in the world are based on bullying of the powerful and dominant powers and ‎conditions of the world are the result of these relations. They are not capable of solving ‎current problems and so everybody is in a complete impasse.”‎

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