Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Larijani Won Over Haddad-Adel

Conservatists Agreed on Eight Majlis Leadership

Alborz MahmudiWith the first official meeting of the Majlis (Iranian parliament) elected conservatists, ‎PM Ali Larijani succeeded to win the race to lead the next Majlis over his rival, the ‎incumbent Haddad-Adel, almost ensuring his official confirmation when the Majlis ‎officially holds its first session. The next Majlis, the eight since the 1979 Islamic ‎revolution formally begins its work this Tuesday. With Larijani in the saddle, the second ‎non-cleric will take over the Majlis leadership since its birth.‎
The last session of the seventh Majlis was held last week, after which some of the new ‎legislatures to the eight Majlis came to the building to hold the first general meeting of ‎the conservative MPs. The key item on the agenda was to reach agreement on the ‎leadership of the next Majlis. Prior to the meeting, the conservatists had agreed to ‎unofficially vote to determine the new Speaker so as to avoid taking the issue to the ‎Majlis floor. Current incumbent Speaker Haddad-Adel and Ali Larijani were pinned ‎against each other and each had agreed to concede through the elections.‎
According to state-run Fars news agency, 227 conservatists who have formed a group ‎called the Principalists (Osoolgaran) gathered and for 30 minutes heard the two ‎candidates to the Speakership of the legislature, Larijani and Adel. Then came the votes. ‎Some of the MPs did not vote, while seven cast a blank ballot. Larijani got 161 votes ‎while Adel secured a mere 50, confirming the prediction of Alef news website that ‎Larijani was the choice of the majority of the conservatists.‎
Tabnak website, which is closely affiliated with former Passdaran commander Mohsen ‎Rezai, and supported the alliance of Larijani, Qalibaf and Rezai, wrote this following ‎Larijani’s victory; “In view of the 220 representatives that were present, one may ‎conclude that the official election of the new Majlis Speaker has been finalized.” ‎According to the site, “Ali Larijani, the representative of the Leader of the state in the ‎National Security Council (NSC) of Iran, who had been removed as the secretary of the ‎NSC seven months earlier, was the leading figure from the conservative critics of the ‎administration. He received the first public support from Amir Ali Amiri, the secretary of ‎the Osoolgaran Faragir (Extended Principalists) group on behalf of the group soon after ‎the first round of Majlis elections last April. But Larijani’s support went beyond the ‎conservative critics of the administration and included traditional conservatists and even ‎supporters of the administration, all of which helped him secure his victory.”‎
Raja news website, which is recognized to be a pro-administration website, expressed its ‎satisfaction with Larijani’s victory in the internal voting, and wrote, “Larijani is the ‎candidate of the Principalists to be Majlis Speaker.” The website added that this internal ‎vote should be conclusive for everyone and no personal views should be presented at the ‎official voting in the Majlis for the post.” In its commentary over the voters for the two ‎candidates, the site reminded its readers that in these internal trial elections, in addition to ‎the conservatists critical of the administration, two other political factions, from amongst ‎three that form the government coalition, supported Haddad-Adel.‎

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