Sunday, May 25, 2008

People Must React Too!

Increasing Crackdown on Bahai Community
A week into the arrest of six Bahai leaders in Iran, an interview published by hardliner ‎Fars news agency called for the “creation of a popular movement” to “confront and fight ‎Bahaism” so that the “government is not left alone in its confrontation against the Bahai ‎community.” ‎ The interview was held with Seyed Kazem Mousavi who is introduced as an analyst and ‎expert in contemporary Iranian history, in which he is quoted as saying “Bahais in Iran ‎are attempting to gain independence and legitimacy by being present in cultural and ‎economic fields and to infiltrate the power structure and other political spheres." ‎ Denouncing the “Bahai community's attempt to infiltrate the power structure in order to ‎gain access to regime’s secrets, reduce regime’s sensitivity to Bahai cult and downplay ‎dangers associated with this cult,” Mousavi added, “Currently, the Bahai community is ‎trying to hide its true face and pretend to be an ordinary and normal part of society. The ‎Bahai community is planning to attract the support of international organizations such as ‎Amnesty International to fulfill its mission.” ‎ Noting that Bahai followers “claim not to get involved in politics,” Mousavi claimed, ‎‎“This very non-interference in politics is itself a political move, designed to gain ‎immunity to freely and seriously participate in cultural and economic activities. Prior to ‎last winter’s Majlis elections, the leaders of the Bahai movement ordered their followers ‎to participate in elections. Some Bahai groups protested that decision, to which the Beit ‎al-Adl of Bahais responded by clarifying that it was not forbidden to participate in ‎elections and vote for independent candidates, just to support political parties.” ‎ This Fars news analyst finally declared, “The Bahai community is manipulated by the ‎Zionist regime and enjoys the support of Israel.” ‎ Fars news agency published this interview while several conservative websites attempted ‎to blame Bahai followers for last month’s explosion in a Shiraz mosque. According to ‎the reasoning of these websites, because the mosque where the explosion took place was ‎a meeting ground for some “anti-Bahai” activists, the Bahai followers were “seeking ‎revenge.” ‎ At that time, human rights activists warned against the consequences of these baseless ‎charges and predicted an intensified crackdown on the Bahai community in Iran. ‎
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