Tuesday, August 19, 2008

President Ahmadinejad’s Brother Dismissed

Winds of Change Hit Home

‎As three new ministers joined Mahmud Ahmadinejad’s cabinet, and the Majlis chatters ‎about summoning five other ministers, President Ahmadinejad’s brother Haj Davood ‎Ahmadinejad who hold various administrative positions including being the head of the ‎powerful the presidential inspectorate was removed from office last week.‎
Jame Jam newspaper quoted “a source inside the presidential office” that Davood ‎Ahmadinejad, the special presidential inspectorate had departed from his post. Similarly, ‎another news source Shahab news agency too quoted a source close to the administration ‎confirming the news and announced that the post of the presidential inspectorate had ‎been passed on to Sheikh-ol Islam, who currently is the chief of staff (or director) of the ‎president’s office, who will continue his current post as well.‎
When Ahmadinejad has presented his new choices for the three vacant cabinet posts, ‎there were rumors that some of his close aides were not happy with the nominees. This ‎included the president’s brother. The same source in Jame Jam – who did not wish to be ‎revealed and publicly named - had denied that Davood Ahmadinejad has been removed ‎because of his objections to the president’s proposed ministers, particularly Ali Kordan as ‎the minister of the interior, and added that, “Mr. Davood Ahmadinejad had himself ‎decided to leave the post of the presidential inspectorate.”‎
Jame Jam did not provide a reason for Davood Ahmadinejad’s departure, but another ‎website Shahab News gave health reasons for the change in guard. “Davood ‎Ahmadinejad personally requested to be relieved of his post because of personal issues ‎and on the recommendations of his doctors,” it wrote. The site did not provide any ‎medical reasons or possible health issues that the Davood may have.‎
As the pro-government media tried to portray that Davood Ahmadinejad left his post on ‎his own accord, other news sources have said that he was indeed removed from office by ‎others. Alborz website, for example, which used the term “removal”, wrote that the ‎president’s brother had been removed “because of differences with the president.” The ‎news site also promised to provide more details about this important cabinet-level change ‎in the near future.‎
Tabnak, another news website, close to former Passdaran Revolutionary Guards ‎commander Mohsen Rezai also wrote about a “Gap in the process of opening up”, as a ‎reference to the departure or dismissal of the president’s brother from his post. It ‎attributed the change directly to the differences between the two Ahmadinejad brothers.‎

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