Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Tears of a Young Turk for Ahmadinejad

The President’s New Fable


Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinejad, who normally makes fantastic pronouncements ‎in the absence of the media and journalists, once again narrated a story from his recent ‎trip to Turkey during a speech that he delivered at a scientific seminar held in Iran.‎

Raja News website quoted some of the excerpts of Ahmadinejad’s talk at the gathering. ‎‎“Great pressures was exerted on the Turkish government for us not to go there, while ‎some inside Iran too questioned the necessity of this trip, citing loss of dignity and ‎respect for Iran if it participated. Probably the dignity of the Turkish government rests in ‎being a follower of the United States,” the website quoted the president.‎

Ahmadinejad said that while he was in Turkey, he attacked the United States and the ‎Zionists in the strongest possible terms in his interview, adding, “Even some of our ‎friends questioned why we used such aggressive language. I responded that people’s ‎fears had to be broken and that we must inject the aggressive spirit into people. We did ‎not just make accusations against our enemies, but took measured thoughtful steps ‎regarding them..”‎

Ahmadinejad claimed that during his trip as soon as he stepped out of his automobile at ‎some point, people began shouting Death to America, Death to Zionism. ‎

Regarding Turkey’s relations with Israel, Ahmadinejad said, “after a press interview with ‎the Turkish president, I went to the Friday congregational prayers and sat among the ‎people. A young Turk who was crying said to me, ‘you can look at God because you are ‎not ashamed, while we are ashamed because of our relations with the Zionists’. Our ‎national radio and television station could not broadcast the realities that exist there. We ‎broadcast 2-minute reports here while the Zionists broadcast 30 minute programs.”‎

Friends of the Iranian Revolution in the United States
Ahmadinejad’s talk at the scientific seminar was not limited to his trip to Turkey. ‎According to Fard website, Ahmadinejad made references to his last trip to Iraq and ‎despite the denials by the US military in Iraq, again claimed that, “While in Iraq the ‎commander of the airbase who is among the occupiers, came to visit me, as had been ‎arranged, and said that he was honored to meet me. ‘You and your nation have a place in ‎our hearts and we love the Iranians,’ he said.” The Americans had announced that the ‎driver of one of the base commanders had come face to face with Ahmadinejad at the ‎airport and had said hello to him.‎

On the even of his next trip to New York, Ahmadinejad once again made a reference to ‎his talk at Columbia University last year and said, “The American people have send ‎plenty of messages and apologies since my last trip to the United States and the events at ‎Columbia University in New York. During the trip, students from a high school wrote a ‎letter and said that they approved or our words and that ‘they’ (meaning Americans) lied ‎to them. Even though a heavy oppressive atmosphere rules over the US, but this has been ‎broken and a path has been opened and the message of the [Iranian] revolution has ‎entered the country in such a manner that even the elections rhetoric and slogans have ‎been impacted.”‎

During his talk, Ahmadinejad also made reference to South America and said, “A friend ‎who has recently returned from South America told me to keep an eye on South America ‎because there everyone loves Iran.”‎

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