Sunday, August 17, 2008

Presidential Aide is not Qualified

More Reactions to Mashaei’s Remarks

As the Majlis goes into its second summer recess, 200 representatives signed a statement ‎calling for the dismissal of president Ahmadinejad’s aide, Rahim Mashaei over his ‎remarks about friendship with the people of Israel.‎
The statement, which began with a quote by Mashaei, “We are friends with Israeli ‎people”, wrote “When these strange and unacceptable remarks which are in contradiction ‎to the principled policies of the Islamic republic and are in express opposition to the ‎position of the grand Imam (i.e. ayatollah Khomeini) and the current leader were made by ‎a deputy of the president Rahim Mashaei were made, it was thought that he had made a ‎political mistake which could be corrected through a rebuttal. But when the remarks were ‎followed up by “For the thousandth time and stronger than before I announce … “ a ‎serious warning bell was sounded in the regime which indicated an unacceptable ‎deviation regarding one of the most important foreign policy issues of the Islamic ‎republic of Iran.”‎
By asserting that the position of deputy president, which Mashaei holds, “belongs to the ‎entire population of Iran”, the law-makers stressed in their statement that Mashaei “did ‎not have the right to announce such a low and condemned position from a public tribune, ‎and in general he lacks the credentials to be in that post.”‎
The statement ends with a call by the deputies that president Ahmadinejad “condemn the ‎issue and deal with him (i.e. Mashaei) in a serious manner.”‎

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